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Become an owner!

Have a share in the ownership of the amethyst mine!

Get a share of the amethyst mine for yourself or make it an extraordinary present for a dear friend of yours. Being a joint owner of the mine has several advantages. When purchasing a share you’ll receive an print, a numbered, signed piece of art.

The mine company does not promise a distribution of dividends but rather advantages, such as decided on at the last shareholders’ meeting: Entry to the mine free of charge at the usual hours of business (worth: 14 Euro per visit), usually a minimum of 15% discount is given on other items and offers, furthermore shareholders can make advantage of so-called seasonal offers.

Special "shaman stones" from Amethyst Mine

A share is sold at 160 Euro (share 135 + handling fees 25 ) this excluding a frame. Readily framed shares can be obtained at an additional price.

Amethyst jewellery